Defeated By Delicious Fruit Pies
DBDFP, Episode 101

As we open Season 3 of DBDFP, Tim becomes the Giant and Puffy Jesus, Kurt develops some gross perfume scents, Eric has laser focus, Kris insults himself, and everyone champions a cause (in a totally non-creepy way)!

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DBDFP, Episode 100

DBDFP turns 100 in grand fashion! We try to age with some grace; a new format but with the same levels of nerdiness! Join us as we celebrate 100 episodes of geek culture, laughter, and Mech Knife!

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DBDFP, Episode 99.5

Check out our first mini-episode! As Eric is still out to sea, Will Z. steps in again to help us out with co-hosting responsibilities. This episode, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus is all about convenience, Will Z. causes a lot of echo, Kurt visits Hulk and Nightcrawler in the old folk's home, Kris props up a banned beverage, and everyone delves into time travel comics!

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DBDFP, Episode 99

This week, Eric is on a boat so Will Z. jumps in! Additionally, Kurt summons Godzilla Bowser, Kris decides on a new degree path, Will Z. is sick (and rambles), Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus kills some future sponsorships, and everyone throws gets upset over the uptick in swatting!

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