Defeated By Delicious Fruit Pies

Prepare to be SHAWSHANKED! This week, Kurt comes up with the worst amusement park ride IN THE WORLD, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus' answer to everything is 'flamethrowers', Kris defends Ben Affleck's honor, Eric sounds like he is stuck in a well, and everyone tests Kurt's patience while discussing the most annoying parts of reading sci-fi and fantasy novels.

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BOOM goes the DBDFP podcast! This week, Kurt says something worthy of being printed on a t-shirt, Eric shares another moral code, Kris gets his answers stolen, and everyone weighs in on what makes a villain hate-worthy and what TV tropes need to go the way of the Dodo.

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We need your help! DBDFP asks that you write in to to let us know what you like about the show and what can be improved. We would greatly appreciate it! This week, Kurt hates on Men Without Hats, Eric sends in his demo tape for the MARS-1 mission, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus fills some time, and Kris unleashes the R-rated version of TMNT upon the world!

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DBDFP reached the legal limit - good ol' 21! This week, Eric goes all Draconian on the podcast, Kurt has a funny way of saying MMORPG, Kris FINALLY reveals his '28 Weeks Later' alternate ending, and everyone takes a moment to bust on M. Night Shymalamadingdong!

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DBDFP's 20th episode is brought to you by the Spiderman 3 Zone! This week, Kurt reveals his love for 'old man' cereal, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus gets hit with Choco Meteor, Kris accidentally does a Captain Kirk impression, Eric promotes his new movie, 'Kuakacolypse!' and DBDFP unveils a new segment, 'Wheel of Recommendations!'

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