Defeated By Delicious Fruit Pies

This week, Eric creates a theme song for 'Mortal Diplomat', Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus gets his answers stolen (again!), Kris trips over his own tongue, Kurt is allowed to elaborate, and everyone mourns the impending doom of motion gaming.

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I don't want your Godzilla hugs! This week, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus gives an epic Galactus description, Kurt renames Juggernaut, Eric loves on Matthew Broderick, Kris gives Ryan Reynolds career advice, and everyone makes their pitch for the next in the series of live action Disney movies.

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Continuing the podcast double down, Miss Cassandra guest hosts like a champ, Eric has a disagreement, Kris flips out over 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine', Kurt comes up with the best title for Star Wars: Episode Seven (seriously, someone hire this guy as a consultant), Tim the Fast Furious Jesus doesn't know what a 'sports movie' is, and everyone shares their favorite movie musical numbers!

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Time for a podcast double down! In the first of back-to-back recordings, Miss Cassandra returns, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus gets pwned, Kurt provides us with more driving etiquette, Kris likes the shiny, Eric goes for the long con(vention), and everyone says goodbye to someone near and dear to the podcast.

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