Defeated By Delicious Fruit Pies

Take the DBDFP listening challenge! This week, Kurt punches people in the throat, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus gets his doctorate (in love advice), Eric outlines how to properly do dark, dystopian sci-fi, Kris pitches the Loki and Thanos team-up film, and everyone gives props to their favorite TV scientists!

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Get your Deadpool Mutually Assured Destruction contract rider here! This week, Kris turns on the Purr Machine, Kurt gives his first Karl motivational moment, Tim promotes sunscreen, Eric reenacts a game trailer, and everyone shares their biggest literary influences!

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All the Dargons! This week, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus is secretly composed of clockwork machinery, Eric uses his M-Buster to scan grocery items, Kris rebuilds the Wheel of Recommendations, Kurt bemoans the death of his X-COM soldiers, and everyone loses their minds over the internet's newest word game!

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Welcome to the most bleep-tastic show on the net and to our special guest (Will Z.)! This week, Kurt woos it up, Eric, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus loves him some Hulk violence, Will Z. gets in trouble with the ADA, Kris relies on the wonders of editing, and everyone powers through the interwebs' attempt to assassinate the podcast!

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