Defeated By Delicious Fruit Pies

Grab a fork and brace thyself! This week, Eric picks on blind people, Kurt hates on the color red, Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus returns to the podcast wearing his sarcastic pants, and Kris pretends to be a pirate! Stay strong and keep up the good fight!

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Nerd Alert! This week, slightly inappropriate and highly edited guest host Will Z. swings by the program. In addition, Kurt takes us inside his kitchen to share his Ice Cream Bread, Kris gives us the rundown on his new, Skip-It Factory reality TV show, and Eric delivers his pitch for the most epic nanobot apocalypse movie EVER! Turn your volume to 10 for the full geek-a-rific experience!

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The fight rages on against those crafty, delicious fruit pies! This week, Eric cues us in on his fear of demonic Light Brights, we uncover Kurt's unhealthy obsession with DC's Deadshot, and Kris yearns for cuddle time with a TechnoDrome. Take a moment and allow the sweet sound of nerdiness to wash over you! If you don't, the pies win.

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Kris, Kurt, Eric and special guest host, Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus, turn the nerdiness to 11 this week by sharing their most embarrassing stories, debating which underappreciated comic book storyline deserves its own movie, and don't miss the gang getting deep with their analysis of the life lessons they have learned through video games. Can you taste the awesomeness?

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And lo, it was Easter and three wise men discussed all things nerdy! In this week's episode, Kurt thinks everything is legit and rants against American consumerism, Eric laments the state of late night television and Kris attempts to sing his way through a new segment. And just because it is Easter and you are special, everyone reveals their favorite comic book evildoers of all time! Get your leftover jellybeans because you are going to need them!

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