Defeated By Delicious Fruit Pies

DBDFP is back on the right track! This week, Tim gets a new name, Kurt wins massive thief points, Eric puts current virtual reality users on notice, Kris needs a head scan, and DBDFP reveals their list of the worst Muppets!

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First episode of Season 2, first guest host of Season 2 - Miss Cassandra! This week, Kurt makes an amazing casting decision, Eric forces everyone to use the DBDFP time machine, Kris concocts a disgusting (but hilarious) Green Lantern-themed beverage, Cassandra calls Thor's ladyfriend a 'MacGuffin', Tim wants to share a drink with Frankenstein, and everyone spits hot fire about what annoys them most about the current young adult film culture.

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ONE YEAR ON THE PODCAST AIRWAVES! During this special program, Eric makes everyone aware of new 'I, Frankenstein' collectables, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus falls asleep (for awhile), Kurt introduces our legal team, Kris makes a terrible excuse, and DBDFP takes time to revisit their favorite topics from the last year!

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This week, Kurt crushes everyone's hopes and dreams, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus gets promiscuous, Kris slams 'American Horror Story', Eric concocts a way to better today's reporting, and everyone casts Hollywood A-listers for 'DBDFP: The Movie'!

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