Defeated By Delicious Fruit Pies
DBDFP, Episode 120

This week, Kurt returns to the permadeath discussion, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus goes into non-answer mode, Kris discusses getting older as a gamer, Eric finally gets some blowback from our audience, and everyone revamps some lame super powers!

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DBDFP, Episode 119

Oh, look! The guys are back! This week, Kris channels Jar-Jar, Eric has concerns about the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, Kurt lays down the law on superhero teams, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus gives himself the business, and everyone feels good about talking about non-Nicolas Cage news!

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DBDFP's Nicolas Cage Match: Four Angry Men

Time for a one-way trip to rage town! We reviewed every Nicolas Cage movie so you don't have to! In this episode, we cover Kiss of Death, Trapped in Paradise, It Could Happen to You, Guarding Tess, Deadfall, Red Rock West, Amos & Andrew, Honeymoon in Vegas, Zandalee, and Fire Birds.



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