Defeated By Delicious Fruit Pies

Abracadabra! Mike the Magic Man returns to the podcast! This week, Eric is focused on space drills, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus is fixated on Farscape, Mike is all about online video game reviews, Kurt is upset with Black Friday shoppers, Kris is frustrated with reality (television), and everyone needs Thanksgiving food badly!

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Time is on our side! This week, Kris summons Steve Buscemi, Eric makes an obscure reference, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus runs on nostalgia power, Kurt does some freelance work for Marvel, and everyone cringes at the idea of Dewritos!

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Double the episodes, double the fun! This episode, Shawn returns for the second of a back-to-back recording, Eric recounts horrible Oregon Trail stories, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus joins the cast of Law & Order: DBDFP, Kurt hunts the mountain wumpus (again!), Kris signs up for a new job, and everyone lays out some annoying magical weapon tropes!

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Welcome to DBDFP After Dark with Shawn! This week, Kris high fives Keanu Reeves, Eric puts Archer's first episode on a pedestal, Tim becomes just Fast and Furious, Shawn gets creeped out by a Pinocchio reboot, Kurt crushes on Damadar, and everyone gives Mr. Cumbermagic his props!

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