Defeated By Delicious Fruit Pies

Back to their regularly scheduled programming, DBDFP goes all out! This week, Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus has standards, Eric relegates Batman and Robin to the Spiderman 3 Zone, Kris blacks out a lot, Kurt continues to ride the Angry Train and everyone reveals their picks for DBDFP's BEST GAME OF 2012!

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This week, as DBDFP walks through the valley of all things E3, Kris makes a save, Kurt turns into the Incredible Hulk (he is very angry!), Eric mocks World War Z, Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus gets Mech-Knifed and everyone weighs in on the good, the bad, and the surprises from this year's conference!

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The DBDFP collective lives! Kris, Kurt, Eric, Will Z. and Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus all get together in one room, for the first time in years, to tackle one massive topic - the FUTURE! Intellectual conversation, quality laughs and the keys to utopian're welcome.

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Many apologies for our tardiness! Your complimentary high five is in the mail. This week, Eric borrows Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus' sarcastic pants, Kurt misses the 'With Great Power' memo and Kris battles NATO! Trust us, it was worth the wait.

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