Defeated By Delicious Fruit Pies

It is all about the turkey (and bacon) in DBDFP's first Thanksgiving Special! This week, Kurt gets succinct, Eric pitches his new, Thanksgiving movie classic, Kris finds a way to keep his Skip-It streak alive, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus just wins...period, and everyone shares their favorite Thanksgiving food item!

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Say hello to an awesome, new guest host - Mike (sorry, not the Magic variety)! This week, Kris is on a three second delay, Eric unveils his super-genius, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus invents a new word, Kurt puts his money on Dr. Strange to survive the zombie apocalypse, and everyone makes fun of 'The Yearling'...a lot!

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This week, Mini Mac returns for a second round of shenanigans, Eric unmasks Netflix's plans to rule the world, Kris opens 'The Walking Dead' Pandora's Box, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus gets slapped with several warnings, Kurt extolls us with his geeky wisdom, and everyone reveals their most common nightmare!

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Bring on the public! This week, DBDFP welcomes a new guest host (Lady Marie), Kurt hates on hunting RPG rats, Kris rages against refrigerator door clutter, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus finally admits he is a shut in, Eric concerns himself with unintended consequences, and everyone gives their favorite superheroes day jobs!

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