Defeated By Delicious Fruit Pies

'Tis the season to answer listener's questions and only listener's questions. Trust us, this one is full of Christmas cheer, geek culture, angry undertones, and a whole lot of laughter! Happy holidays!

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This week, Eric gives one of the co-hosts a one-finger salute, Kurt wishes the world 'Happy Holidays!' repeatedly, Kris discovers his blackouts are spreading, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus goes all Old Testament (and legit blacks out), and everyone lays the smackdown on lame villains!

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This week, Kurt calls out cover songs, Eric calls out the 'lawyers of gamers', Kris calls out the team for 'time machine answers', Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus calls out the words, 'jibber jabber' (no really, he says the words 'jibber jabber' in an actual conversation), and everyone calls out the games that make them feel destroyed inside.

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Welcome to the Negative Zone! This week, Tim the Fast and Furious (R.I.P. Paul Walker) Jesus crushes the Fantastic Four, Kurt goes all choppy, Kris gives Lando a high five for epic space piloting, Eric has a yell (at Tim) and everyone drops spoilers like it is a job...cause it is!

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It is all about the turkey (and bacon) in DBDFP's first Thanksgiving Special! This week, Kurt gets succinct, Eric pitches his new, Thanksgiving movie classic, Kris finds a way to keep his Skip-It streak alive, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus just wins...period, and everyone shares their favorite Thanksgiving food item!

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Say hello to an awesome, new guest host - Mike (sorry, not the Magic variety)! This week, Kris is on a three second delay, Eric unveils his super-genius, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus invents a new word, Kurt puts his money on Dr. Strange to survive the zombie apocalypse, and everyone makes fun of 'The Yearling'...a lot!

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This week, Mini Mac returns for a second round of shenanigans, Eric unmasks Netflix's plans to rule the world, Kris opens 'The Walking Dead' Pandora's Box, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus gets slapped with several warnings, Kurt extolls us with his geeky wisdom, and everyone reveals their most common nightmare!

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Bring on the public! This week, DBDFP welcomes a new guest host (Lady Marie), Kurt hates on hunting RPG rats, Kris rages against refrigerator door clutter, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus finally admits he is a shut in, Eric concerns himself with unintended consequences, and everyone gives their favorite superheroes day jobs!

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Boo! (In a good way!) It is DBDFP's Halloween Special! This week, Kris unleashes an on-air belch, Eric nominates Ben Affleck for 'most irreplaceable horror character', Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus rocks his new Karl mask, Kurt puts himself in a phone call timeout, and everyone comes up with their own horror character ice cream flavor!

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This week, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus has no where else to go, Kris makes an error in the outline formatting, Kurt doesn't care (about gaming consoles), Eric channels some 'Wayne's World' and everyone shares a board game recommendation!

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Undefeated (by fruit pies!) and still undisputed nerd champions! This week, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus sounds like he is in a tunnel, Kris casts Samuel L. Jackson as 'The Thing', Eric shares his love of Jurassic Park, Kurt is completely un-Karl-like and everyone previews the must-see movies of 2014!

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The second in our DBDFP Episode Double Down! This week, Kurt selects a new host for 'Man vs. Food', Tim tranforms into 'Nope-timus Prime', Eric gives John Lithgow some props, Kris continues his war on 'selfies' and everyone outlines the best hobbies for today's superheroes!

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The first in our DBDFP Episode Double Down! This week, Kris is labeled a 'soul stealing ginger', Tim the Especially Tired Jesus helps us (somewhat) record the program, Kurt makes a Heroic pun, Eric braces for his Anna Torv restraining order and DBDFP holds court on the worst phone application that could ever be created and the best horror movies for the month of October!

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Say hello to DBDFP's longest episode to date! This week, we welcome our newest guest host, Mercedes! Additionally, Kurt foresees the future of war (microwave-battery guns), Kris summons Crab People, Tim makes an Edgar Allen Poe joke, Eric has to kill zombies, he just has to, and everyone revels in their gaming food of choice!

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This week, Tim gives advice to a werewolf bard, Eric lets Tim Burton have it, Kurt details his vision for Star Wars: Episode 7, Kris makes a terrible sandwich analogy, and everyone marvels at a musical clip from DBDFP's past!

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The ratings skyrocket 200% because DBDFP finally gets a woman's perspective on all things nerdy with our newest guest host, Mini Mac! This week, Kris rips into Robocop haters, Tim reveals the true meaning of 'waking up late', Eric hangs out in a construction zone, and Kurt teaches us to 'unleash the Carl'!

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Check out our website ( for exclusive, ADDITIONAL CONTENT that begins with Episode 25! Consider it an early X-mas gift. This week, Kurt sets us straight about how to create a modern League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Eric reveals Joss Whedon's murderous ways, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus turns into Captain Obvious, Kris says 'like' a lot, and everyone discusses their best and worst films of the summer!

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Prepare to be SHAWSHANKED! This week, Kurt comes up with the worst amusement park ride IN THE WORLD, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus' answer to everything is 'flamethrowers', Kris defends Ben Affleck's honor, Eric sounds like he is stuck in a well, and everyone tests Kurt's patience while discussing the most annoying parts of reading sci-fi and fantasy novels.

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BOOM goes the DBDFP podcast! This week, Kurt says something worthy of being printed on a t-shirt, Eric shares another moral code, Kris gets his answers stolen, and everyone weighs in on what makes a villain hate-worthy and what TV tropes need to go the way of the Dodo.

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We need your help! DBDFP asks that you write in to to let us know what you like about the show and what can be improved. We would greatly appreciate it! This week, Kurt hates on Men Without Hats, Eric sends in his demo tape for the MARS-1 mission, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus fills some time, and Kris unleashes the R-rated version of TMNT upon the world!

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DBDFP reached the legal limit - good ol' 21! This week, Eric goes all Draconian on the podcast, Kurt has a funny way of saying MMORPG, Kris FINALLY reveals his '28 Weeks Later' alternate ending, and everyone takes a moment to bust on M. Night Shymalamadingdong!

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DBDFP's 20th episode is brought to you by the Spiderman 3 Zone! This week, Kurt reveals his love for 'old man' cereal, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus gets hit with Choco Meteor, Kris accidentally does a Captain Kirk impression, Eric promotes his new movie, 'Kuakacolypse!' and DBDFP unveils a new segment, 'Wheel of Recommendations!'

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DBDFP welcomes some new blood! This week, Kurt dreams of becoming a Nano-Lich, Kris catches a case of the fumble tongue, Eric pitches Scorpion King 4: X-Files, our guest host, Shawn, gets a DBDFP Emmy and everyone reveals their favorite female TV villains!

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Hark, the heralded nerds do speak! This week, Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus gets a new nickname, Eric smites the concept of talking, armored bears, Kris teases an alternate ending to 28 Weeks Later, Kurt releases a rage beast upon his ISP provider and everyone reveals their reasons for loving video games!

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Stop feeling defeated! This week, Kris touts a superhero lottery, Kurt makes a plea to the listening audience, Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus doesn't say a whole lot, Eric settles a longstanding dispute regarding 'I Am Legend' and everyone reveals their favorite comic book friendships.

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It is DBDFP's Sweet Sixteen! Kurt unveils his most recent archeological find, Kris has all sorts of technical issues, Eric gets his Inception on, Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus says 'no' a lot and everyone reveals their favorite shocking moment from their personal video game history.

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Back to their regularly scheduled programming, DBDFP goes all out! This week, Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus has standards, Eric relegates Batman and Robin to the Spiderman 3 Zone, Kris blacks out a lot, Kurt continues to ride the Angry Train and everyone reveals their picks for DBDFP's BEST GAME OF 2012!

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This week, as DBDFP walks through the valley of all things E3, Kris makes a save, Kurt turns into the Incredible Hulk (he is very angry!), Eric mocks World War Z, Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus gets Mech-Knifed and everyone weighs in on the good, the bad, and the surprises from this year's conference!

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The DBDFP collective lives! Kris, Kurt, Eric, Will Z. and Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus all get together in one room, for the first time in years, to tackle one massive topic - the FUTURE! Intellectual conversation, quality laughs and the keys to utopian're welcome.

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Many apologies for our tardiness! Your complimentary high five is in the mail. This week, Eric borrows Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus' sarcastic pants, Kurt misses the 'With Great Power' memo and Kris battles NATO! Trust us, it was worth the wait.

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Have your tissues ready, people! This week, the geek tears flow as Kurt admits his love for Bret Michaels, Kris pitches a new show idea (Pimp My Civil War Reenactment), and Eric shares his Kim Possible fan fiction. As an added bonus, everyone shows off their acting chops with a lot of fake crying! *sniffle, sniffle*

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We didn't want to do this, but we broke out the Chef's Hat! Tim, the Pennsylvania Jesus, makes a triumphant return only to reveal that he never learned to read, Eric shares a beautiful analogy, Kris makes the case for MTO (Made To Order) movies, Kurt plays with his microphone a lot and everyone weighs in on a disturbing Hollywood statistic. Rolling pins at the ready, it is DBDFP time!

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Gosh, they sure grow up fast! Kris blows out the candles on another year and takes the opportunity to design a DBDFP Birthday Special format! In this week's episode, Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus gets love from our audience (even though he doesn't appear on this episode), Eric makes a plea for drinking and smoking to be allowed back into the workplace, Kris selects Big Boo as his avatar of video game destruction, Kurt asks for assistance from Netflix and everyone reveals their picks for the most overrated sci-fi and fantasy films of all time! Cake and hate mail all around!

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The pies keep flying as this week Eric, Kris, Kurt and special guest host, Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus, get hilariously morbid (if there is such a thing) when they discuss what gaming symbol they want on their tombstone. Additionally, Kris loses his train of thought, Kurt plays a mini-game to see how many of Eric's answers he can steal, Tim reveals his desire to be best friends with the black wizard from Final Fantasy and Eric gets censored!

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Grab a fork and brace thyself! This week, Eric picks on blind people, Kurt hates on the color red, Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus returns to the podcast wearing his sarcastic pants, and Kris pretends to be a pirate! Stay strong and keep up the good fight!

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Nerd Alert! This week, slightly inappropriate and highly edited guest host Will Z. swings by the program. In addition, Kurt takes us inside his kitchen to share his Ice Cream Bread, Kris gives us the rundown on his new, Skip-It Factory reality TV show, and Eric delivers his pitch for the most epic nanobot apocalypse movie EVER! Turn your volume to 10 for the full geek-a-rific experience!

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The fight rages on against those crafty, delicious fruit pies! This week, Eric cues us in on his fear of demonic Light Brights, we uncover Kurt's unhealthy obsession with DC's Deadshot, and Kris yearns for cuddle time with a TechnoDrome. Take a moment and allow the sweet sound of nerdiness to wash over you! If you don't, the pies win.

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Kris, Kurt, Eric and special guest host, Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus, turn the nerdiness to 11 this week by sharing their most embarrassing stories, debating which underappreciated comic book storyline deserves its own movie, and don't miss the gang getting deep with their analysis of the life lessons they have learned through video games. Can you taste the awesomeness?

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And lo, it was Easter and three wise men discussed all things nerdy! In this week's episode, Kurt thinks everything is legit and rants against American consumerism, Eric laments the state of late night television and Kris attempts to sing his way through a new segment. And just because it is Easter and you are special, everyone reveals their favorite comic book evildoers of all time! Get your leftover jellybeans because you are going to need them!

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Kris, Eric and Kurt are back with a brand new edition! And they are bringing along their first guest host, Tim the Pennsylvania Jesus, for the ride! This week, they dissect the comic universe and debate whether comic book character deaths should be permanent or not, Kurt has a very important PSA about video games, and Tim turns out to be an alien! It is simply delectable!

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Released every Wednesday. Three 'normal' nerds get together each week to discuss movies, television, video games and print (comics/books). With a rotating ensemble of guest hosts, D.B.D.F.P. attempts to bridge the gap between host and listener. Join the deliciously insightful and hilarious conversation today!

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