Defeated By Delicious Fruit Pies

Say hello to DBDFP's longest episode to date! This week, we welcome our newest guest host, Mercedes! Additionally, Kurt foresees the future of war (microwave-battery guns), Kris summons Crab People, Tim makes an Edgar Allen Poe joke, Eric has to kill zombies, he just has to, and everyone revels in their gaming food of choice!

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This week, Tim gives advice to a werewolf bard, Eric lets Tim Burton have it, Kurt details his vision for Star Wars: Episode 7, Kris makes a terrible sandwich analogy, and everyone marvels at a musical clip from DBDFP's past!

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The ratings skyrocket 200% because DBDFP finally gets a woman's perspective on all things nerdy with our newest guest host, Mini Mac! This week, Kris rips into Robocop haters, Tim reveals the true meaning of 'waking up late', Eric hangs out in a construction zone, and Kurt teaches us to 'unleash the Carl'!

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Check out our website ( for exclusive, ADDITIONAL CONTENT that begins with Episode 25! Consider it an early X-mas gift. This week, Kurt sets us straight about how to create a modern League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Eric reveals Joss Whedon's murderous ways, Tim the Fast and Furious Jesus turns into Captain Obvious, Kris says 'like' a lot, and everyone discusses their best and worst films of the summer!

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